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May 3, 2013
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PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X by Zem0s PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X by Zem0s
I've tried to realize a real Metro Skin for PotPlayer.
... and that's the result!

It contains the videoplayer, the musicplayer, the playlist and of course the controlbox.

You can choose between 12 different versions.
[three colors, two backgrounds and two available sizes for the Play-Button]

The musicplayer will display the album cover from mp3 files, if embedded.

For the playlist I'm using "Segoe UI Semibold 9".

Different Version: [link]

v1.5 [09.06.2013]
# Added the function for attaching and detaching the playlist (audio- and videomode)
( The attached mode looks at the dark ones a little bit different )
# Changed some bordersizes and button-positions
# Option to select subtitles added
# Removed the gradient at the bottom of the equlizer in the audio mode

v1.6 [23.06.2013]
# Changed the bottom of the right side regarding the light-skins (on fullscreen).
# Changed the playlist-position on fullscreen
# Some modifications on the xml-files... So that the AutoHide-Patch can take effect!

v1.7 [18.11.2013]
# Some modifications on the xml-files... regarding the updated Patch
# Fixed some button positions

Metro.X - Patch v2.0 [With GUI] [18.11.2013]
This patch makes it possible to hide the playlist and the other stuff on fullscreen.
In addition you can transform the skin to a minimalistic version without the three metro squares.

The changes are for both versions: Russian and English

Info! Right-Click on the playlist-icon for attaching and detaching the playlist.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-05-09
PotPlayer Skin - Metro.X by ~Zem0s Odds are you haven't heard of this media player before. Make sure to check out PotPlayer with this marvelous theme by Zem0s! ( Featured by fediaFedia )
Hello, let me tell you I love your skin, potplayer looks glorious!!!
but, there is always a but, the clock function doesn't seem to work
for me, I'm using windows 7x64 with potplayer x64

Thank you
Hi, Thank you!
You need to install the "Adobe Flash Player" to get the clock to work!
fawwaz1 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I love it! 

thank you :)
juicethehedgehog Dec 12, 2013  Student General Artist
i love you
Navigation scrolling is quite difficult for me, could you enlarge the target area?
Everything else is perfect. Thank you very much!
"Navigation scrolling" What do you mean by that?
Excellent use of Metro style; have you thought about making skins for other programs, such as VLC? Hell, I'd suggest even talking to the VLC guys as they are working on a WinRT (Metro part of Windows 8) app and you definitely understand composition well.
<br / />Cheers!
If I'm allowed a comment about what I like about this theme and why I think it improves the whole experience of watching video using this player. The idea of not using the entire space of the video window is the first thing that strikes me as a big difference to classic design with dull title bars and everything. The choice of beige colour as a background which frames together the video window and the playlist part, with a nice purple colour for active items and dark grey for the commands bar on this particular theme of your skin is brilliant and for me it is enough to choose this skin over any other I've seen. For me the less is more and I really like to have less on the main screen for a few reasons. First, I use keyboard shortcuts a lot, in any application it is the first place I go if I want to use it, which means that in general I won't care much for providing too many options on the main screen of a media player. With Pot Player it is the main thing that attracts people I guess, playlist functionalities, bookmarking options, and other things further reduce the need for the use of the mouse. More advanced options is not what an average user of a video player will use much, such as video adjustments, audio tweaks etc. are the things that if ever I'll use only on the first use of the player and hardly ever again, so I'm happy to have the ones you provided on the command bar, which are basic tasks I'll perform endless number of times when using a video player. In that view I was saying that the three pretty big windows, which take up a significant portion of the screen, do stand in the way of the natural flow of colours that you achieved with your skin, and do not add a significant functionality to the user. Loading files from the player is the option that I exactly want to avoid, and why I use Pot Player. I arrange virtually everything into albums/playlists so I can switch to them more conveniently from within the player without having to open new windows. For me it was the selling point of Pot Player, which offers simplicity and functionality, focusing on the most important tasks an average user will have to perform repetitively, which with other players is never so intuitive and is often lost in the unreasonable number of other options which are not essentially what I need, such as various web interactions, biographies, ratings , irrelevant information about artists and who knows what else. Finally, that would be my individual preferences and I don't want to say that any user will look for the same things. It is probable in fact that most users will look no further than your original design, but a few more choices added to the GUI shouldn't be too much of a clutter so I vote for adding option to go without the three windows in the middle. Thank you again for the skin and the for the kind help with my features request.
Thank you ZemOs, that would be great, Pot Player is a superb player, and so is your skin for it, that will be a perfect choice for me :)
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